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7th International Scientific Conference on the Global Water and Energy Cycle



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7th International Scientific Conference on the Global Water and Energy Cycle and Associated Meetings





7th International GEWEX Conference

Thanks to all who attended and contributed to making this a very successful conference!

Over 560 scientists, managers, and students from 45 countries attended the Conference, which addressed research on water resources, extremes in water such as droughts and floods, and new analyses from observations and data sets, studies of the processes involved; weather climate and hydrological model development and exploitation, applications of the information, technology transfer of new research into operational results, and research capacity development and training for the next generation of scientists.


7th International GEWEX Conference


There were 436 posters covering the topics of the conference.


To see the Student and Early Career Scientist Presentation Competition Winners, and for more photos, see the GEWEX Facebook Page


See Conference presentations and posters linked to the agenda


Conference in the News

Posted 22 July 2014:
7th GEWEX: Better understanding of clouds and human activities can improve global water cycle models

High resolution satellite data may also lead to better understanding of clouds and precipitation. According to Wheater this is a mayor issue for climate scientists that try to understand the influence of global warming on the global water cycle. Read more.

7th GEWEX Conference

Posted 16 July 2014
7th GEWEX: Scientists still puzzled over last uncertainties global water cycle
Overall, the global water cycle is closed but the plenary opening of the conference made clear that there still is a 22% variation in the amount of global rain fall depending on the model that is used. Read more.

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